Brazil: Mió


About the Coffee

Process: Natural

Varietals: Mundo Novo, Catucaí

Tasting Notes - First sip: Reeses candy with a dark chocolate sweetness and a red berry aroma. On the cooldown: Notes of dried fruit complemented by a caramel treacle body.

About the Farmers

Mió is a 1500 hectare farm in the Monte Santo de Minas region of Brazil. A third of the land is used for growing coffee, the rest is used as a plantation for eucalyptus trees (home to millions of lovely bees) and a native forest reserve with its own spring water.

Mió is a technology driven farm; meaning that state-of-the-art processing equipment is used to guarantee the highest processing standards. The farm is home to a community of workers who maintain the land and harvests.

Thank you for supporting the Mió farming community! 

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