Colombia: Cristina Tunubala


Colombia: Cristina Tunubala

About the Coffee

Process: Natural

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra

Tasting Notes - First sip: A Turkish delight and cherry sweetness accompanied by notes of cacao. On the cooldown: A light vanilla cream body with tones of apricot.

About the Farmer

We're so proud to get our hands on this utterly amazing lot!

Cristina Tunubala is 60 years old and the owner of El Amparo; a small coffee farm in Colombia. 

Each year she produces around 30 bags of an absolutely phenomenal coffee. This naturally processed lot undergoes tank fermentation for 48 hours before being silo dried at 28 degrees celsius.

Cristina is a member of Colombia’s ACC Coffee Association. The purpose of the association is to improve coffee quality, the well-being of the farming families and to protect the local environment. 

Thanks for supporting Cristina! 

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