Costa Rica: Max Salazar


About the Coffee

Process: Special Black Honey

Varietals: Yellow Catuai, Caturra, Villalobos

Tasting Notes - First sip: A caramel sweetness with a creamy body, notes of melonOn the cooldown: As the temperature cools a plum and strawberry laces sweetness becomes prominent.

About the Farmer

Max Salazar runs the farms San Cristobal and La Isabella in Costa Rica, the farms are named after his parents. They are nicknamed Los Cipreses because they also grow Cypress trees which are sold as Christmas trees in the festive season.

Coffee trees at the farm are not sprayed with chemicals or herbicides, Max prefers to use natural methods like good fertilisation and mulching to control weeds and coffee rust.

This coffee has been through a unique process called Special Black Honey in which the coffee is washed with natural juices to intensify the flavour.

Thank you for supporting Max and his family! 


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