Decaf: Monte Bonito


Caffiene free? We got you.

With less than 1000 inhabitants, the town of Monte Bonito still holds onto the traditions of the Campesinos — historical farmers of the Andes Mountains. 

The farmers are responsible for the full management of their farms. Some of them have Eldas - drying beds on the roofs of their houses. Others have Carros Quindianos - drying beds with a rail system. The rest have parabolic tents for drying their coffee. 

The Sugar Cane Decaf Process 

The coffee first undergoes steaming at low pressures to remove the silver skins, it’s then moistened with hot water to allow the beans to swell and soften. This prepares the coffee for the hydrolysis of caffeine. 

The caffeine extraction occurs by washing the coffee with a solvent obtained naturally from the fermentation of sugar cane. The coffee is washed until the caffeine is reduced to the desired level. 

Flavour Profile: Glacé cherry, pear and almond with a sweet honey finish.