India: Baba Budan [FREE SHIPPING]



  • Tasting Notes: a magical array of blackcurrant, raspberry, vanilla with a sweetness of golden syrup. 

  • Sustainable, ethical coffee: supports Indian farmers and villagers with amenities and healthcare. 

A Sufi Saint from coffee’s magical past smuggled 7 coffee beans from Yemen to his farm in India, today known as Baba Budangiri - the Hills of Baba Budan.  

Unknowingly to him, Baba Budan created a new realm of coffee and marked the beginning of coffee’s vast journey across the globe. Today, India is marked 7th in the world for coffee production. 

Grown by Ravi Ramu on his 550 acre farm in Chikmagalur. Ravi's farm is 125 years old, and has established strong relations with local villagers, providing free healthcare and amenities. We're stoked to have Ravi's coffee in our offering.

This coffee boasts a magical array of tasting notes including blackcurrant, raspberry, vanilla with a wonderful full bodied sweetness of golden syrup. 

Buy now to support sustainable, ethical coffee in India, and enjoy a beautiful coffee.