(UKBC) Colombia: Nestor Lasso


5 years ago, Nestor Lasso and his brother Adrian took over the family farm and branched out into specialty coffee and experimentation rather than growing coffee like their parents.

Leading to this incredibly unique processed coffee and varietal. It made it’s way to our roastery and in the hands of Joe and Omar. These 3 young guys united their knowledge to improve quality and tasting experience.

With tasting notes of Fizzy Cherry, Pineapple and Dark Chocolate

Expect a mouthfeel which is medium weighted and syrupy. With aromas of Brown sugar (Molasses) and fig roll.

Country: Colombia 
Region: Huila
Processing Station: El Diviso
Process: 180hr Natural
Varietal: Pink Borbon 
Altitude: 1700 MASL

A sip into the next generation of coffee farmers, roasters and baristas.