Peru Microlot: Raul Flores 72 Hour Fermentation


About The Coffee

Process: Washed -  After picking, the coffee is fermented for 72 hours. 

Varietals: Yellow Caturra

Tasting notes: A tropical passion fruit acidity paired with raspberry, sweet plum with a vanilla finish

Raul Flores grows coffee on his farm Finca Productiva. Raul has invested in unique drying facilities, drying his coffee on beds in solar tents, which increases quality and reduces risk of contamination. We have had productive conversations with Raul about how we can work together in the long-term, including how to support him to access a stable market for his coffee.

Raul’s father was one of the four founders of the town of El Diamante – he chose the plot of land and began building the town from scratch. Raul’s father was a key campaigner for the government to recognise El Diamante, supply it with electricity and build a school and medical facilities. 50 years later, it has become a hub for specialty coffee production.

Thank you for supporting Raul, his wonderful family and the people of El Diamente!