Saints x AMOC: Yemenia - 300g [FREE SHIPPING]


This story is a little long and unorthodox to how we usually do things here -- we like to keep it short and sweet. But we promise it's worth the read. 

- Roasted in Leicester - Roasted in Rotterdam -

Here's the story of two roasters who challenged industry boundaries.

I met Rob a couple of years back, where, instantly we became friends. We shared passion, ethos, culture and skillset. Rob (a matter of concrete), known for his championship in the Coffee Masters competition is renowned for his abilities in all things coffee.  We shared so many values that a collaboration was almost compulsory. We sourced our coffee together, met in Rotterdam, where we cupped plenty of coffee, and roast profiled an phenomenal brew. We explored the city and wonders of Rotterdam where Rob played tour guide, had plenty of laughs and nothing better to seal a brotherhood than some pizza, before heading back to our home in Leicester.

What better to present to you, than a piece of history. Coffee was founded and exported by the hands of the Yemeni's in late 14th century, specifically by a man named Ali ben Omar, a Sufi saint of Yemens past, more recently known as the patron saint of coffee, who used it as a means to stay awake to increase himself in worship. unbeknownst to him, it was to become one of the most popular drinks on the planet, first exported from the port city of Mokha.

Yemen, currently in a humanitarian crisis, is producing some of the worlds greatest coffee under the guidance of Faris Sheibani from Qima Coffee. Restoring Yemen's coffee export to its former glory. We're extremely proud to showcase Adeel Hamid, a rare single farmer lot from Yemen. Sourced, cupped and profiled alongside Rob in Rotterdam, roasted in Leicester and Rotterdam, just for you.

About the coffee

Farmer: Adeel Hamid

Region: Haraaz, Sanaa

Varietal: Yemenia - DNA verified

Altitude: 2100 MASL

Process: Natural

Tasting notes: delicate, sweet and spicy tones. Think a juicy fig and bright blackcurrant acidity, with a soft marzipan-like sweetness and body.

How to drink it

However you like! Though we strongly recommend to brew this coffee by any filter process to bring out its true, unmasked flavours and unique tones.


We'd like to thank Rob, from A Matter of Concrete who worked alongside us to bring this vision alive. Faris, Basel and Fahad from Qima Coffee, for giving us an incredibly special unreleased lot to present to you.

And especially you, who've chosen to support three independent thriving businesses who innovate beyond industry boundaries. A thank you from Adeel Hamid and his family, who are people your purchase will contribute to.

Thank you, and happy brewing.

The Saints.