Training & Education

Barista Masterclass

Want to brew better coffee at home, or become a barista? 

Check out our Barista Masterclass for tips and techniques for brewing at home. You'll learn everything from the basics of espresso, to filter coffee techniques. 

If you're a coffee enthusiast who wants to up their game, or you're interested in becoming a Barista, this masterclass is for you. Available at beginners or intermediate level.

Drop us a line to get more info on the barista masterclass. We'd love to hear from you! 


Advanced Training

Saints of Mokha was established in 2016. Since then our business has grown year by year, to become one of the strongest coffee brands in the midlands, with 10K followers on Instagram and a loyal customer base. We love to work with people passionate about coffee.

If you're looking for advanced training or consultancy to take your business off the ground, we'd love to help! Contact us to see how we can work with you!