Yemen + Ethiopia [FREE SHIPPING]


About the Coffee

Origin: Haraaz, Yemen and Wosasa, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Varietals: Yemenia - DNA Verified, Heirloom

Tasting Notes: A bright blueberry and passionfruit sweetness, with notes of a rich cherry liquor, a creamy body and dark chocolate finish

About the Farmers

Over 98% of the world’s Arabica coffee varieties can be traced back to Yemen, and Yemen is known as the first place in the world where the coffee drink was brewed, grown and exported.

The roots of the coffee plant itself can be traced back to Ethiopia, making it one of the oldest coffee producers in the world.

To bring this incredible history back to life we’ve blended a natural Yemenia from Haraaz, one of Yemen’s oldest coffee growing regions, with a beautiful natural Ethiopian Heirloom.

We’re incredibly proud of the result; a bright blueberry and passion fruit sweetness, with a rich cherry liquor body and dark chocolate finish.

Yemen: Haraaz

Haraaz is an ancient and mountainous region known as one of Yemen’s best, and oldest, coffee growing communities. It's home to at least 1500 families who are financially dependent on coffee farming. 

The area has lush valleys and highlands where coffee is grown. The mountains not only provide spectacular scenery and breathtaking views, but they also provide the ideal growing conditions for one of Yemen’s most famous coffees.

The stratospheric altitudes, where the coffee is grown, adds to the unique flavour profile of Haraazi coffee and the farmers believe that the coffee is so distinctive because of the region’s fertile soil.

Ethiopia: Wosasa

Wosasa is a small village in Ethiopia; home to 25 farming families. The farmers grow their coffee under the shade of the trees indigenous to the regions. The farmers have undergone expert training in agronomy and coffee production, in an effort to maintain a high quality of coffee. 

Coffee is dried on drying beds in the village; these drying beds are maticulously managed, with the moisture of the coffee being constantly monitored and each lot being tracked. 

A huge thank you to all the farmers who contributed to this amazing lot of coffee -- thank you for supporting these communities!