Passionfruit Co-Fermentation: Brayan Alvear


Bursting with juicy passionfruit goodness! 

Tasting Notes of Passionfruit, Lychee and Yellow Starburst. 

At his farm, nestled in the heart of San Adolfo, Colombia; Brayan has carefully perfected the art of controlled co-fermentation. The result is a phenomenally memorable cup, bursting with bright and vibrant flavour.

As specialty coffee pioneers embrace the experimental spirit, controlled co-fermentation emerges as a gateway to uncharted taste territories. This avant-garde method involves a meticulous use of microbial alchemy, where specific yeast and bacteria are introduced to coffee cherries under carefully controlled conditions.

The result? A cup of coffee that transcends the ordinary, boasting a flavour profile that is not only unique but also reliably consistent.

“Our goal is to take coffee to another level, for our lives and for the growers here.” - Brayan Alvear, coffee farmer. Brayan is a young coffee producer, at just 21 years old, his work has already made waves in the industry. Brayan and the Ancla processing station already support 60% of San Adolfo's farming community with their processing, helping to reduce their workload and cost at source. 

This coffee was developed in partnership with the Forest and Ancla Milling Station in Colombia; as part of the Flavours and Colours project to support farmers in the region.

Thank you for supporting the community of San Adolfo.