Mokha was the first city to introduce coffee to the world. Qima Coffee was the first to discover Yemenia. Saints of Mokha are the first to bring this coffee to the Midlands. 

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Ali Ben Omar: A Revival of Coffee's Magical History

A Sufi from the port city of Mokha in Yemen, Ali ben Omar as-Shadhili is revered as the man who discovered the miracle of the coffee bean. He would use it alongside his contemporaries as a tool to stay awake and night and worship. Soon after, Mokha became the first city in history to export coffee across the eastern world, and Ali became esteemed as the patron saint of coffee.

Oh coffee,
Oh story of lovers,
You help me repel my sleep,
You help me stay awake and worship my Lord while people fell asleep,
Don’t blame me for my intense love for coffee,
It is the drink of the righteous people.

- Saint Ali

Yemenia: A Revolutionary Discovery by Qima Coffee

After years of work, Qima coffee conducted the largest genetic survey in Yemen's history. The results unveiled the most significant finding in coffee history; over 98% of the world's known varieties of Arabica Coffee, can be traced back to Yemen.

On August 14th 2020, Qima announced the discovery of an entirely new mother population previously unknown to the coffee world; Yemenia. Exclusive to the mountains of Yemen. 


The Sanaf Growing Community

This coffee supports the Sanaf growing community. The people here have been growing coffee for hundreds of years. This coffee growing community is renowned for having some of the oldest coffee trees in Yemen; a few standing for over 150 years. It is not just exceptional coffee that is grown here but also corn, barley and lentils.

Sanaf is one of the oldest coffee growing villages in Yemen, and is high in altitude at about 2070 metres above sea level. This contributes to the complex flavour of the coffee grown here.



Exceptional Processing

This lot has been through a new, innovative process. Deep fermentation. This a slow dried process which takes over 30 days. The cherries are double layered to create a semi-anaerobic environment, developing a unique and complex flavour.   

Yemenia: The World's Most Exquisite Coffee Experience


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