A Brand New House Coffee 

We're stoked to welcome a brand new house coffee to Saints. 
Colombia: Cafe del Micay
Boasting a beautiful array of green apple, cherry, milk chocolate and brown sugar.

This coffee comes from Argelia which is situated in the south west of Colombia.


Supporting a Beautiful Family of Colombian Farmers

Argelia is located in an area that has been plagued by the civil unrest and illegal drug trade for many years. The farmers here are trying to make a living through legal channels to support their families and communities.

They also produce small amounts of food including bananas, avocado and oranges, which generates extra income.

Ground Work

An amazing project is being run on the ground, training the famers in sensory analysis of coffee and how processing can improve coffee quality.

From Colombia to You  

We've crafted a roast that highlights all the characteristics of Cafe del Micay. A beautiful, smooth espresso with tones of apple, cherry and milk chocolate. We know you'll love it!
Thank you for supporting this beautiful community of Colombian famers.
Swing by our coffee house to try it, or order a freshly roasted bag for home brew.
With love,
The Saints. 

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